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Monday, March 28, 2016

Sunday Easter Holiday 2016

So this how and where we celebrated our Easter holiday on Sunday. ☺ First, kids and I went to visit their dad (my husband)  at work.
Here are few pictures were taken... #sundayeaster2016 #holiday

Then the kids and I went to the Maan farms for the eggs hunt! It was my son first time on adventure yesterday, first time to see the bunny lady! ❤😍 Maan farm is really great,  though I paid the entrance fee for my two girls about $18 something I believe, but it sure they had so much fun! My son was free because he is under 3. The small zoo they have on the farm was really great.

My daughter Kaylyn picture with the bunny lady. :)

My daughter Jasmine picture with the bunny lady. :)

No picture of my son with the lady bunny because he was scared of her. Hahaha

Trapolin was greAt!

The view love it!

Tricycle Ride. It was so fun!!

Putting his egg candies in the hole!

It's fun doesn't it??

We will definitely going back there next easter.

 ( update 2017, December 15: we didn't go this year :( , we spent our easter day at home! Well, let's see next time!

Until then,

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