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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Halloween Night 2016

Well, they said , we shouldn't celebrate Halloween because we celebrating the Devil doing.  However, my kids just wanna have fun knocking on the people's door asking for free candies :) nothing special about it! :) Wearing a costume, for them is just a fun thing to do.

In Philippines ( My Country ) we never had such a thing like this but to go to the cemetery to visit our loved ones who already left in this world, but that one alone isn't accepted by Christ either, so I know it is wrong to celebrate Halloween or going to the  cemetery on November 1st to visit the dead loved one but anyway like I just said, we only want the free candies, nothing more.

If you are Christian and you have any thought or want to say something about Halloween, feel free to give comments on this post. I appreciated that! Judging comments are not acceptable, only God can just us!

See you, until next time!

This is my son's first year of Halloween trick or treating night that he was really enjoying it. 

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