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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

My #reviews with my shopping experience online at save on foods and click and collect superstore

What I love about shopping online at save-on-foods and Click and Collect Superstore Program?
Ok, so here's what I love about this program. For me as a mother with three kids, a toddler which is 3s, and kids 7s and 9s years old, grocery shopping were never ever good to me. That day, I went shopping at save-on foods with my three kiddos and my son was 2s something that time ( in the stage of terrible twos) he wanted to touch something in the store, and he got mad because I told him not to touch it, so he threw his temper tantrum, laid on the floor, screamed out loud, and my other two was gone, they are far from me, was looking stuff they like, I was so frusrated in my mind, holding my anger and breathe while in the middle of shopping. So I said to myself, I'll never ever to shop in-store AGAIN? But honestly, how can I do that? 😒

And then, there was a nice lady who understands my situation, she is a grandmother and she was the one told me about that I can shop online and have it delivered to me or I'll pick it up. Oh wow, thank God to that lady, she told me about this. Now, I can just do my shopping at home and just pick it up if I wanted to or deliver it to my house with of course a shipping fee! And She's also the one told me about superstore that has this Click and Collect program. What a good news that is for me as I always do a big shopping at superstore! 😐 Wow!

My Experience with shopping groceries online:
Ok so here's my online shopping experience  at save on foods and click and collect superstore;

Save-On-Foods: My compliment on my experience shopping online at save-on-foods is still 10 stars out of 10, honestly, I have no bad experience with save-on-foods online shopping program yet. I picked up my order at the scheduled time that I chose and received all my orders exactly what's on the receipt. The waiting for personal shoppers to come with my grocery was my guess probably about 5-8 munites. And all the personal shoppers I encountered are nice always has a smile on their faces, always say greetings to you. So yeah, I'm still a happy customer here, 10 stars rate for save-on-foods.

Click and Collect Superstore: Ok so, here's my review of my click and collect online shopping experience at superstore. On Jan 8, 2018, was my 15th times online shopping experience with them. On my first experience was amazing!!! On the second time, was not too amazing but still good even though they charged me on the potato that I didn't even receive, and I had to waste my gas to go back in the next morning to pick up the missing item, but whatever still good. And the third-14th time of online shopping experience on click and collect honestly was amazing that you have no words against with it! 10 stars with those times! But then, on my 15th-time orders, I don't know if I should feel disappointment, or should I? Ok, whatever I am disappointed on my last shopping. I went inside the store because I have to buy something, good timing because I only have my 7 years old daughter with me, so I thought I'm just going to pick up groceries inside the store. When I went to click and collect area, nobody was there, so I waited for about 15 munites, then finally somebody arrived in that area (the click and collect person) but she doesn't do the of billing stuff, etc. Well, you know what, I don't care to wait for too long, I don't care if the click and collect customer service is poor, but I only do care about is to give me the exact order just exactly what I ordered online and vegetable items that are not from the discounted shelves and charged me with the full price?? Are you kidding me??
Here's the Okra that I ordered online, Wt: 0.9kg @ 6.57 /kg 5.91 and as you can see the pictures, there are mold and black all around of them.  I'm sorry just my opinion. And cauliflower is yellow and pink lady apples, each of them has bruises. Well, I guess it's happened. But whatever, I'm still going to shop online but just to make sure, from now on, I will always check out my groceries first before say yes and put them in my car.

Hopefully, this reviews of mine for online shopping at save-on-foods and click and collect superstore is helpful for you. See you next time! Share your experience too by commenting below of this post.

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